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Its time to change your furnace filter!

Truth be told, over 90% of our furnace service calls would be prevented with an inexpensive "Clean & Check" (furnace tune-up).

So many homeowners don't have their furnace cleaned each year, which leads to the furnace motor overheating, putting a strain on the furnace electronics, and ultimately leading to furnace failure, and "Furnace No-Heat" emergency service calls.

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A dirty furnace air filter chokes the airflow in your furnace. Like you breathing out of a small dirty paper bag. When you replace the air filter in your furnace, it will significantly increase clean airflow and your furnace will "breathe" far better, and will be far healthier.

Also consider adding at 4" air filter system, and/or an electronic air purification system to help clean the air as well. Another way to make your home healthier.

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Furnace air filter replacement is simple. We recommend using the cheapest pleated filters that you can find. Just buy the multi-pack and change it every 3-4 months.

Book our "Harmonic Furnace Clean & Check". A furnace cleaning & electronics check helps insure proper furnace health, along with furnace filters & air purification.

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