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Did you know that 90% of heating system emergency repairs can be avoided by regular furnace maintenance (or boiler maintenance)?

It's true! But starting at ONLY $15 p/month, Harmonic Heating & AC offers their "Rock*Star Maintenance Program" which provides annual heating system maintenance, inspection, and cleaning.

This will prevent the unexpected emergency furnace repairs (or boiler repairs) and the emergency service fees that come with them. Most of our calls this time of year are to repair heating systems, install new heating systems, and heating equipment maintenance. "Tis the season" for gas furnace heater and boiler heater maintenance and service. If you don't remember the last time a professional cleaned and serviced your furnace or boiler, you may see us sooner than later.

Prevent those emergency fees, schedule a basic "Clean & Check" to insure proper running through the winter months.

Its easy to sign up... Just call Harmonic Heating & AC at 630-999-9008, or visit the web site for more details. Its heating system maintenance and heating system repair made easy. Call today or visit our services page.

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