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High Efficiency Furnace & Air Conditioning Systems

What is the benefit of a high-efficiency furnace and air conditioning system? That is a common question in the heating & cooling industry. People want to know how they can save money, save energy, and maybe even have a smarter home.

The benefits of a high-efficiency furnace and air conditioner are just what they appear... it has an electronic control board and variable-speed fan motor so that it starts up, runs, and shuts down with lower RPM and uses less energy. When a lower efficiency system starts up, you can hear the fan kicks on 100%, then the gas kicks on 100%, and everything runs at 100% until the heating system reaches its desired heat setting on the thermostat.

In addition, the intake system pulls clean fresh air in from outside, instead of dirty, recycled air from the basement or furnace closet using PVC pipe instead of metal pipe. The material is even a more efficient.

A high-efficiency system will normally run in multiple stages or multiple speeds. This allows for the furnace blower motor to start up at 25% (instead of 100%), then only ramp up IF NEEDED, to hit the desired set thermostat temperature. This will clearly use less energy, less utility, and provides a smarter solution long-term.

Most will pair a high-efficiency heating & air conditioning system with a smart thermostat to better manage the energy and utility output.

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High Efficiency Furnaces & Air Conditioners

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