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Did you know that your FURNACE fan driven by your FURNACE motor that blows WARM air through your home all WINTER is the SAME system that blows COOL Air Conditioned air through your home in the SUMMER, and helps pull the humidity from your house when its blazing hot?

Some homeowners think that if they can just hold out and get the FURNACE through the "rest of WINTER", that they won't need to think about it again until NEXT WINTER. Well, that's just not true. Because the SAME system is needed to run your AIR CONDITIONER.

So the MOST IMPORTANT part of your entire HVAC system is the FURNACE MOTOR. There are several things that can fail on the furnace motor, and several maintenance issues that can cause it to fail.

A dirty system means a DIRTY MOTOR, which causes the motor to run really hot (like wearing a dust sweater in the summer), not good. This will cause eventual FAILURE. Maybe during WINTER, maybe SUMMER. Who knows.

If you want to AVOID all of those EXPENSIVE EMERGENCY SERVICE fees for NO HEAT or NO A/C... call to schedule a simple and inexpensive Furnace / AC Clean & Check.

Harmonic offers 3 different "Rock*Star Maintenance Plans. Customized for your system's age, and your budget.

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