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Get Ready For Higher Costs...

There are "INDUSTRY-WIDE" price increases for Water Heaters, Furnaces, and Air Conditioners, including Trane UP 7%, Carrier UP 8%, Goodman & Amana UP 5%. They are calling them "Emergency Price Increases".

General material cost of goods have gone up more than 20%! Including 410A refrigerant more than doubling in price! Ouch!


We've even been told that there may be a shortage on the control boards, metal, aluminum, and copper which will have a huge impact on the availability replacement, repair, as well as new equipment installation. All of those materials are used for HVAC equipment.


So NOW is the time to buy, before we see any more shortages, and before the prices increase AGAIN.


We've seen several water heater price increases already this year. So we'll continue to adjust and try to provide customers with the best pricing and the best customer service possible.



It will cost more money, AND more time if customers wait to repair or replace their current AC, Furnace, or Hot Water Heater. Select equipment may not be available, or may be at a much higher price. We've had customers tell us that they want to wait until next year to replace their current system, but there IS a huge risk that the equipment they need may not be available, and if it IS, it WILL for sure be more expensive.

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