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AC Service Time is Here! If you haven't already schedule your annual Spring AC Service, now is the time.

Air Conditioners should be serviced at least once per year, which includes cleaning the coils and checking the electrical components.

A dirty AC coil keeps the heat in the coil, not allowing the AC coil to dissipate the heat, and therefore does not cool your home the way an AC should. It limits the efficiency of your air conditioning.

AC Service is sometimes referred to as an AC "Tune-Up" or AC "Clean & Check" which also includes checking electrical components like capacitors that power the AC fan. The contractor will often fail as well, so it’s good to have them checked with any AC Service, to ensure proper startup when its called upon.

Remember to have the indoor AC Coil cleaned as well. It sits on top of your furnace, which should also receive a "Clean & Check" once per year. The same blower motor that moves heat in the Winter also moves your cool Air Conditioned air in the Summer. The furnace blower motor also has a capacitor that often looses power and needs replacing. So it's crucial to schedule both your furnace AND AC Service prior to each season.

Harmonic offers a great "Rock*Star" Maintenance Plan that provides for servicing BOTH the air conditioner AND the furnace for only $85 each, along with discounts on parts and service when needed.

For more information, call 630-999-9008 or visit www.HarmonicHVAC.com for more details.

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