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Ultraviolet furnace lights are an amazing way to naturally clean, disinfect and rid your homes of mold, bacteria, fungi and viruses. We achieve this by using the science of the sun.

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They may seem a bit like “snake oil” at first. It is hard to prove what we cannot see let alone sell something with a promise of it could, should or might. How about this, raise your hand if you like having a cold. Raise your hand if you like missing work or events because your child isn’t feeling well. Now raise your hand if you like having allergens, mold and bacteria floating around in the air you breathe at home. Those questions seem silly but that is the sort of logic we are using to ignore the benefits of ultraviolet furnace lights.


I always test things out before recommending them. No duh right?! Seems like a no brainer, but I feel the need to preface with that. I installed the Honeywell Ultraviolet furnace light treatment device into my furnace as soon as we moved in to our new home. Without having any history in the home I have no past data to draw from. I have only correlation. Married men can agree with me though that when my wife’s comfort was at stake, correlation was evidence enough.

Now we went on living and breathing through the seasons as we normally would. We seemed plenty healthy but then again we all experience good years and bad years. Two autumns later I noticed I was having consistent allergy issues and my throat was feeling scratchy in the morning. Not quite putting 2 and 2 together yet I went about my days. It was a few more weeks later that I noticed that the UV bulb had burnt out. “Hmmm curious” I thought. I replaced the bulb the next day and mentioned to my wife that maybe that was the reason for my discomfort. She then mentioned to me that she had been feeling “more icky lately” as well.

Now how can we be sure that it isn’t just in our heads? It was Fall after all and the weather was changing. The power of suggestion can be great at times. So I decided to perform a more controlled experiment.

I allowed several months to pass. We were both feeling healthy. I simply unplugged the Ultraviolet furnace lights and within a few days I began to notice myself feeling differently. The all important “blind” was my wife however. I was careful not to inform her that the ultraviolet furnace lights were off or let her know how I was feeling. It was not more than a few days later that she too had mentioned to me she “wasn’t feeling well.” Devious I know. I proceeded by reactivating the ultraviolet furnace light. We then experienced the opposite effect. I noticed the effects almost immediately, however I was a bit more sensitive knowing what was going on. It was just one day later my wife too mentioned FEELING BETTER after I had plugged the UV furnace light back in.

I then let her in on my experiment. I received a loving punch to my shoulder and won over a convinced consumer. Her words were a sarcastic “Thanks a lot babe,” and a sincere “Make sure that bulb doesn’t burn out again.” That is all the evidence I will ever need going forward. Happy wife, happy life.


Ultraviolet lights are used to DISINFECT hospitals, schools, and other care facilities
Ultraviolet lights are used to CLEAN drinking water
Ultraviolet lights are used to TREAT psoriasis and in some cases cancer

Having ultraviolet furnace lights in your furnace is like having the cleansing properties of your own personal SUN. The UV-C rays kill bacteria, mold and other germs that we would otherwise be breathing. They are natures way of riding the atmosphere of pathogens that our immune system is constantly fighting off. Give yourself a break and breathe easy in the safety of your own home.