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You might think I was embellishing a bit if I said there was a secret formula to reduce your gas bills, keep you feeling healthy, make your home more resilient and help your family feel more comfortable with one magic item, but the truth is that “magic” item does exist. A whole house humidifier does all these things. Here are 5 reasons to buy and install one now.

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1. Moist air retains heat better than dry air. What does this mean? It means that the actual heat energy retained by the water droplets helps maintain the temperature in your home. This leads to the furnace running less frequently which translates to less $$$’s to run the furnace over the course of the winter.

2. If you wake up feeling stuffy from the heat running all night you need a humidifier. By adding moisture or small water droplets to the air you help ensure that your sinuses and throat are happy from less irritation due to cracking and dryness.

3. Most of us have wood in some shape or form in our home and certainly we have drywall. Keeping the air in your home moist lessens the amount of expansion and contraction that those materials experience. For wood floors, furniture and cabinetry to survive the years a humidifier is an absolute must have. And I know I could do with less cracks in the drywall and shrinking caulk to keep my home looking beautiful.

4. Does anyone suffer from dry skin, static shock from touching a light switch or uncooperative hair? Yup, these are all things that would either improve or disappear completely with a humidifier.

5. They are extremely easy to maintain. There is no need to be concerned or think, “That will be one more thing I have to add to my list and take care of all winter long.” Beyond having to maybe vacuum out the housing once a year and replacing the water panel (sometimes called filter or pad) before the heating season begins, you need only to sit back and enjoy. That’s it! You can buy the water panels at any hardware store for the cost of a couple Starbucks coffees.

So again, you get many great benefits from one little magic accessory installed onto your furnace. To have one professionally installed typically costs between $500 and $900. This price range INCLUDES the humidifier. Once completed you are well on your way to surviving the winter.

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