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Harmonic's team of comfort experts has been proudly providing heating and air conditioning services to our community since 2012!

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Jeremy at Harmonic

As a kid Jeremy never imagined being an HVAC technician or running an HVAC company. But he did love science, problem solving and working with his hands.

After graduating high school in Oswego, while working at an auto body shop, he kept hearing ads on the radio for an HVAC tech school. Something about them appealed to him so he enrolled in the Wabaunsee Community College HVAC program.

From the start Jeremy loved the troubleshooting process of repair. But what excited him even more was the scientific approach to HVAC. Especially newer advances revolving around green energy, “smart homes” and air quality. He’d found his calling.

Now years later, Jeremy still loves the instant satisfaction of fixing things. He likes coming into someone’s home with a problem and before he leaves, he’s fixed the issue and everyone is happy.

Jeremy lives in Montgomery with his wife Carolyn and their young growing family. Since Carolyn suffers from some pretty bad allergies, he loves to use her as a Guinea Pig for testing new air quality products.


Tony at Harmonic

Whether it’s his fellow employees or customers, Tony loves to be an educator of all things HVAC. Being known as the “go-to guy” suits him just fine. Maybe it’s because “confident and comfortable” is how Tony describes his HVAC abilities.

Starting his career as a tool and die maker seemed like a good fit for Tony. But he didn’t find his true calling until he transitioned to HVAC in 2004. He took to it right away and quickly rose through the ranks of service techs at his company.

Since joining Harmonic in 2015 as a partner, he’s enjoying the new challenges that come with being a business owner. He currently oversees all field operations for Harmonic and is very concerned about building a client base that can trust him to always do the right thing.

“Everyone is delighted to see us,” says Tony. And he wants to keep it that way. Not one to sit still away from work, he tinkers with his motorcycles on the weekends and has even started building custom furniture for fun.


Brandon at Harmonic

Brandon recently graduated from Wabaunsee Community College where he was studying HVAC.

He takes a lot of pride in his work and his ability to fix things. His mechanical skills extend beyond HVAC to anything around the house. He’s remodeled kitchens, bathrooms and laid hardwood flooring while working with his Dad.

He loves working with the guys at Harmonic because they are willing to share and let him learn and improve his skills.

Brandon is a humble guy who loves making customers happy.


Nate at Harmonic

Nate is the newest member of the Harmonic Team. After serving in the United States Army, Nate chose a career in the trades. He brings the honesty and trustworthiness that you would expect from a military man, and we are excited to have him on the team.

Nate still serves in the U.S. Army Reserve, and we appreciate his service.


Kenny at Harmonic

Kenny joined the Harmonic team after a long career in motorsports and decades of managing various customer service related businesses. Though his background is not in HVAC, he has been turning wrenches since the age of 16, has extensive experience in managing teams, and enjoys the new challenges of our industry.

He grew up on the east coast, and moved to Aurora in 2000, where he still lives with his wife and 2 daughters.


Liz at Harmonic

When Liz wasn't a Domestic Engineer (aka stay-at-home mom), she was an office manager for 13 years and in sales for 7 years. Liz grew up in Illinois and loves the area, but most of all, she loves interacting with Harmonic customers.

Liz's main goal is to make everyone happy and comfortable!