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Select Atmospheric Vent Gas Water Heater

The Select® Series gas water heater is designed to deliver an economical performance that can lower your energy bills and also provide long-lasting value.

  • Intelligent Control Logic The internal microprocessor provides enhanced operating parameters and tighter differentials for precise sensing and faster heating response to optimize performance.
  • Self Cleaning Dip Tube Helps reduce lime and sediment buildup and maximizes hot water output. Made from long-lasting PEX cross-linked polymer.
  • Coregard Anode Rod Our anode rods have a stainless steel core that extends the life of the anode rod allowing superior tank protection far longer than standard anode rods.
  • Push Button Piezo Ignitor
  • Heat Trap Nipples
  • Blue Diamond Glass Coating
  • Green Choice Gas Burner Patented exo-friendly burner design reduces NOx emissions by up to 33% and complies with Low-NOx emission requirements.
MODELTypeCap. GallonsInput MBtuHUEFGas TypeRecovery GPH1st Hr Rating GPHDimensions HxWxDWeight Lbs.
GS630 ORBT 30 35.5 0.63 NG / LP 36.0 64.0 61.75x16x16 123
GS630 OCT 30 35.5 0.63 NG/LP 36.0 62.0 61.75x18x18 132
GS640 OCT 40 35.5 0.62 NG/LP 36.0 67.0 62x20x20 138
GS640 BRBT 40 40.0 0.62 NG/LP 41.0 70.0 62x18x18 130
GS640 BCT 40 40.0 0.62 NG/LP 41.0 70.0 58.24x20x20 138
GS650 BRT 50 40.0 0.60 NG/LP 41.0 88.0 60.75x21x21 148
GS650 BCT 50 40.0 0.62 NG/LP 41.0 88.0 60.75x22x22 165
GS650 RCT 50 50.0 0.60 NG/LP 58.0 92.0 60.75x22x22 165
GS650 XCT 50 60.0 0.60 NG/LP 61.0 98.0 65.5x22x22 190
GS630 ORBS 30 35.5 0.63 NG/LP 36.0 56.0 50x18x18 110
GS630 DCS 30 35.5 0.63 NG/LP 36.0 56.0 50x18x18 118
GS640 BRBS 40 40.0 0.62 NG/LP 41.0 67.0 51.5x20x20 134
GS640 BCS 40 40.0 0.62 NG/LP 41.0 68.0 51.5x22x22 135
GS650 BCS 50 40.0 0.00 NG/LP 41.0 93.0 53x24x24 177

Warranty Information

  • All Parts for 72 months - 6 Year Parts and Tank Warranty

Available Documents

State Tank Water Heater Standard Warranty

All models include 6 year limited parts and labor warranty.
Additional service and maintenance can be covered by our VIP or Total Rock*Star Plans.


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That's why every product us backed by warranties as robust and dependable as the products themselves.

Every piece of heating & cooling equipment is eligible for a 12-Year Parts Warranty, when you join the "Rock*Star Maintenance Program".

All other products are eligible for the 12-Year Parts Warranty.

Ask for details, terms, and conditions. All product warranties are registered by Harmonic within 30 days of purchase.

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Including humidifiers, air filters, air cleaners, thermostats and more! 12 year parts and labor warranty requires joining Rock*Star Maintenance Program. Ask for details, terms, and conditions.

The "Exclusive 12-year Parts & Labor Warranty" covers parts and labor cost from the time of purchase. "Exclusive 12-year Parts & Labor Warranty" requires annual maintenance to be performed by Harmonic Heating & Air Conditioning beginning immediately from the time of purchase. Maintenance must be performed annually during the initial 12-year coverage term in order to uphold warranty status. If annual maintenance is missed or not performed by Harmonic Heating & Air Conditioning, the "Exclusive 12-year Parts & Labor Warranty" becomes void immediately. Warranty coverage defaults to a 10 year part warranty and a 2 year labor warranty from the time of purchase. Warranty is registered to the purchaser and is not transferable.


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