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4SCU16LS Pro Series Split Air Conditioners

A new air conditioner is an investment' so you want to be sure it will provide dependable service for many years to come. By choosing the Armstrong Air 4SCU16LS air conditioner' you can take comfort knowing its been engineered and tested to meet the highest standards for performance and craftsmanship. And with advanced features and technology' the 4SCU16LS can provide energy-efficient cooling' even in the hottest weather.

Pair this model with a Pro Series™ variable speed furnace and a Comfort Sync thermostat' for optimum performance. With the Pro Series' you’re in control of every aspect of your home’s climate' as well as your energy costs.

  • MHT Technology Armstrong Air proprietary heat transfer system. A specially designed fan shroud pulls air evenly throughout the air conditioner coil surface. The coil features rifled tubing to enhance refrigerant flow' while lanced coil fins increase surface contact between metal and air. All combine for maximum heat transfer and efficiency.
  • Sound Reduction Inside every 4SCU16LS' you will find a compressor that is wrapped in a heavy-duty' sound-insulating blanket to reduce operating noise. So you will enjoy peace and quiet with your comfort.
  • Two-Stage Scroll Compressor Rather than being all on or all off' your air conditioner can adjust its output to a high or low level based on your cooling needs. Its two-stage scroll compressor uses a time-tested design known for its consistent performance and long operating life.
  • Integrated Compressor Protection High- and low-pressure switches give additional reliability to each Armstrong Air cooling unit. The high-pressure switch prevents operation if refrigerant pressures exceed safe levels' protecting the compressor. If your unit does not have enough refrigerant' the low-pressure switch prevents the unit from drawing in moisture and other contaminants while operating.
  • Sealed Contactor with Lugs Completely covers the contactor' protecting it from debris and insects.
  • Microban Protection On Matched Armstrong Air Indoor Coil. Drain pans are infused with an antimicrobial agent that destabilizes the membrane of microorganism cells' disrupting the cellular function of odor-causing mold and bacteria so they can no longer grow or reproduce.
  • Communicating Control Board Your Armstrong Air 4SCU16LS can continuously monitor internal components for optimum performance and fault prevention. When paired with the Comfort Sync thermostat' you and your dealer can automatically be notified if repairs or maintenance are needed.
MODELCooling Cap.
Charge Oz.
Line SizeDimensions
Weight Lbs.
4SCU16LS124P24.0 15.5 117 3/8-3/4 29.75x24.75x26.75 200
4SCU16LS136P34.4 16.0 137 3/8-7/8 29.75x29.4x31.25 230
4SCU16LS148P46.0 15.0 180 3/8-7/8 37.75x29.4x31.25 262
4SCU16LS160P57.0 15.0 214 3/8-1-1/8 43.75x29.4x31.25 310

Warranty Information

  • Compressor for 120 months -
  • All Parts for 120 months -

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