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Is it Time to Replace Your Water Heater?

After your heating and air conditioning system, not much else in your home consumes more energy in your Naperville or Plainfield home than your water heater.

And unlike your heating & air conditioning systems which only run seasonally, your tank or tankless water heater needs to work flawlessly every single day of the year.

We have decades of experience with high-efficiency tank water heater technology, and can help you decide if a high-efficiency tank or a condensing tankless water heater would be best for your application.

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How much does it cost to replace a Hot Water Heater?

There are two primary sizes of hot water heaters for residential applications, a 40 gallon or a 50 gallon. Some higher volume homes, that have more bathrooms, and more family members might want to consider doubling up and installing TWO 40 gallon hot water heaters, for more hot water volume... so that mom still has hot water for her bath, after all of the kids are cleaned up. There is a higher-efficiency option as well, which is the Power-Vented model. It helps recirculate the heat, and like furnace efficiency, less of your gas is leaking out of the exhaust pipe. Sometimes the water shut-off valve is corroded internally, and does not allow the water to stop flowing (to the hot water heater) so we may not know if it needs to be replaced until we are working on the system and cut the pipe. There is normally a small fee to replace the valve, and the water to the whole house will need to be turned off while the valve is replaced. To avoid emergency Hot Water Heater service calls, make sure you have your hot water heater serviced every year with your Furnace and replace it before it fails. Normally every 10-12 years. Believe me, you don't want to wait for it to fail...

Tankless Water Heaters

Gas and electric hot water heaters are efficient and effective. You now have the choice of traditional or tankless hot water systems. Harmonic Heating & Air Conditioning carries high efficiency traditional and tankless water heaters from State. We would like to provide you with some information to help in the decision making process of your new water heater system.

Condensing tankless water heaters are compact heating units that provide hot water as it is needed, and do no store hot water like traditional tank-type water heaters. When a hot water tap is turned on, water enters the tankless water heater.

A sensor detects the water flow, and activates an electric or gas heating device, which quickly raises the water temperature to a preset level. When water flow stops, the heating element shuts off. Thermostatically-controlled tankless water heaters vary their output temperature according to water flow rate and inlet water temperature.

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Enjoy up to 40% energy savings, endless hot water, and significant space savings.

Unlike traditional storage tank water heaters, tankless water heaters do not store a reservoir of hotwater. As a result, standby losses are reduced, which makes them an energy-efficient alternative to traditional water heating. When water flow is detected, they begin heating water, making them highly efficient and cost effective. When the demand for water ceases, they enter standby mode and use essentially no energy.

There will always be hot water. Endless hot water - for bathing, cooking, dishes, laundry, and all of the other countless ways hot water enriches our lives.

Tankless water heaters consume a fraction of the space consumed by a tank heater. They can be mounted inside or outside.

Because tankless heaters do not store water, they are less subject to corrosion than tank-type heaters. As a result, their expected equipment life is possibly longer - possibly more than 20 years, compared with 10 - 15 years for traditional heaters. Also, because they are not heating 40 - 50 gallons of water 24 hours a day, tankless water heaters are less susceptible to leakage than tank-type water heaters.

State Tankless Water Heater

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State High-Efficiency Tank Water Heaters

High-Efficiency Tank Water Heaters

Conventional storage water heater fuel sources include natural gas, propane, fuel oil, and electricity. All conventional water heater store hot water 24 hours per day in a storage tank, typically ranging in volume from 20 to 120 gallons.

To minimize stand-by losses you should consider water heaters that offer higher levels of tank insulations. Often the lowest-priced storage water heater may be the most expensive to operate and maintain over its lifetime.

There will always be hot water. Endless hot water - for bathing, cooking, dishes, laundry, and all of the other countless ways hot water enriches our lives.

We carry a wide variety of gas and electric tank water heaters. They are often the lowest installed cost choice for replacing an existing system.

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However if you do not have natural gas or your have larger family you should consider other choices like tankless water heaters that offer higher performance and lower total cost over the life of your water heater.

State Tank Water Heater

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State High-Efficiency Tank Water Heaters