Safely Warm Your Car in the Winter

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Safely Warm Your Car in the Winter

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Recently, I saw a neighbor warming up their car in the garage on a cold morning and was worried about their safety. There is a much better way to warm up your car than running it in your attached garage.

Even though you have the door to the house closed, there are still plenty of ways that carbon monoxide gas can make its way from your attached garage into your home. It's just not safe. Not to mention the chance of a fire.

Running a car in a closed garage makes me cringe.

instead, why not add one of these sweet Reznor garage heaters? They'll keep your whole garage warm - including your car. And they're MUCH SAFER than warming up your car in an enclosed garage. By keeping your garage temperature more controlled, the interior walls that are effected by the garage walls will stay warmer as well.

We recommend a Reznor garage heater. Affordable gas garage heaters (garage furnace) installed by Harmonic can make the garage far more comfortable for you to work through the winter, as well as keep your cars fluids warm.

They're pretty quick to install so they are very affordable. Then you'll have a warm car (and tools) through the winter, AND you are more likely to take care of those winter projects in the garage if its not freezing cold out there.

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