Rock Star Maintenance Program

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Harmonic Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you keep your heating, air conditioning, water heating and air quality comfort systems running efficiently and reliably for years to come. Call us today!

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Why Choose one of our "Rock*Star" Maintenance Plans?

Our annual maintenance programs at Harmonic Heating & Air Conditioning provides better health and longevity for your home or commercial heating and cooling systems. With a modest investment starting at only $179 p/year (that's $89.5 Spring + $89.5 Fall), we'll help provide peace of mind while our great team will work hard to keep your home and office "Smarter, Healthier, and More Efficient". (That saves $59 on annual cleaning alone!) Give us a call at 630-999-9008 more information.

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Rock Star

$528 annually

Your heating and cooling system has been to the mountain top…lets take care of it with the proper standing ovation!

Our Total Rock Star's receive the following benefits...

  1. Annual Furnace and A/C Maintenance
  2. Priority Maintenance Scheduling
  3. 10% OFF IAQ Products
  4. 30% OFF All Service Repairs
  5. $350 off New Equipment
  6. FREE Water Heater Drain & Inspection
  7. NO Overtime charges
  8. NO Diagnostic, Travel or Initial Service Fees
  9. Same Day Emergency Service
  10. FREE Smart Thermostat Installation
  11. $100 Credit Accrues Annually Towards Replacement Furnace and/or A/C


$348 annually

Save even more on repairs and upgrades as your furnace and air conditioner system starts to show some “wrinkles”.

Members of our V I P , Rock Star program receive the following benefits…

  1. Annual Furnace and A/C Maintenance
  2. Priority Maintenance Scheduling
  3. 5% OFF IAQ Products
  4. 20% OFF All Service Repairs
  5. $300 OFF New Equipment
  6. FREE Water Heater Drain and Inspection
  7. FREE Smart Thermostat Installation
  8. NO Overtime charges
  9. $79 diagnostic Fee – ($10 off regular fee of $89)
  10. Emergency Service within 24 hours

General Admission

annually only

Take HVAC maintenance off your to-do list and save 20% off the cost of our standard tune-up services.

The General Admission members receive the following benefits…

  1. Annual Furnace and A/C Maintenance
  2. Priority Maintenance Scheduling
  3. 5% OFF IAQ products
  4. 10% OFF Any Needed Service Repairs
  5. $250 OFF New Equipment

Get Your Exclusive 12-Year Warranty with the installation of any full system and by joining one of our Rock*Star Maintenance plans!


We customize your comfort by making your home smarter, healthier and more efficient. Your peace of mind is as important to us as your comfort.

That's why every product us backed by warranties as robust and dependable as the products themselves.

Every piece of heating & cooling equipment is eligible for a 12-Year Parts Warranty, when you join ANY one of our 3 "Rock*Star Maintenance Programs".

All other products are eligible for the 12-Year Parts Warranty.

Ask for details, terms, and conditions. All product warranties are registered by Harmonic within 30 days of purchase.

on all equipment repairs, indoor air quality & comfort items

Including humidifiers, air filters, air cleaners, thermostats and more! 12 year parts and labor warranty requires joining ANY one of our 3 Rock*Star Maintenance Program. Ask for details, terms, and conditions.

The "Exclusive 12-year Parts & Labor Warranty" covers parts and labor cost from the time of purchase. "Exclusive 12-year Parts & Labor Warranty" requires annual maintenance to be performed by Harmonic Heating & Air Conditioning beginning immediately from the time of purchase. Maintenance must be performed annually during the initial 12-year coverage term in order to uphold warranty status. If annual maintenance is missed or not performed by Harmonic Heating & Air Conditioning, the "Exclusive 12-year Parts & Labor Warranty" becomes void immediately. Warranty coverage defaults to a 10 year part warranty and a 2 year labor warranty from the time of purchase. Warranty is registered to the purchaser and is not transferable.


when you purchase a Furnace or Air Conditioner from Harmonic!

What to Expect with Harmonic Heating & Air Conditioning

The Collaboration Phase, We Will...

  1. Assign a project manager to thoroughly discuss all equipment requirements for your space.
  2. Present you with accessory and control options to complement your system.
  3. Collaborate with you to customize equipment to meet your specific needs and budget.

Before We Arrive, Please...

  1. Remove any valuables from the entry, hallways, and workspace to ensure their safety.
  2. Clear a safe path to the furnace and A/C to allow for removal and installation.
  3. Clear stairways, halls, entryways, and equipment closet.
  4. Clear space around the furnace to allow access and provide adequate workspace.
  5. Trim bushes, shrubs and trees that impede access to the A/C and related equipment.
  6. Secure any animals that may try to escape through open doors.

The Day of Your Project, We Will...

  1. Arrive on time to respect your busy schedule.
  2. Use tarps to protect your wood floors and carpets.
  3. Remove all old equipment, scrap metal, garbage, and boxes from new equipment.
  4. Be happy to address needs you may have to make your space more comfortable.

After the Project, We Will...

  1. Encourage you to protect your equipment with our Rock*Star Maintenance Program.
  2. Register all equipment warranties and process all applicable rebates noted on invoice.
  3. Follow up with you via phone to ensure your complete satisfaction.


  1. Look for signs of water on the floor or the system not heating and cooling properly.
  2. If something does not seem right.. please call us with any concerns right away.